The Sector

DIViN has completed work for a range of providers within the human services sector, including individuals, groups and organisations across Australia.  We use collaborative communication approaches, tailored to meet your business needs, including face to face and practical online tools.

Service model innovation and development

  • Analysis of NDIS readiness
  • Design and development of training resources for a range of service models
  • Design and Development of service models, tools, resources and financial and contract modelling
  • Local Area Co-ordinator organisational readiness review
  • Early Childhood Development Program readiness review
  • EOI and Tender responses including design and preparation
  • Contract analysis
  • Review and updating of service models to increase efficiencies
  • Board health check reviews
  • Design and development of Strategic Plan to identify opportunity within NDIS marketplace

Interim Management Services

  • Organisational recovery and crisis management
  • Interim service delivery management
  • Leadership modelling and development

Organisational Values Development

  • Developed a set of principles that identified how the organisational values are demonstrated within and outside the organisation as a series of behavioural statements
  • Utilised organisational value frameworks within training products and resources
  • Worked with executive leadership teams to articulate how the organisational values are demonstrated in operational processes

Project Management

  • Development of a project plan and introduction of project management tools
  • Coaching support to implement project plan to enable in-house capacity building
  • Overall Project Management of an in-house project to transition from an output model to individualised funding
  • Overall Project Management of an in-house project to transition to new service model including development of communication and training tools

Facilitation and Training

  • Facilitated NDIS readiness workshops and health checks
  • Facilitated NDIS pre-planning and planning workshops
  • Facilitated Strategic Planning workshops with executive teams and board members
  • Design and development of materials for service providers to give to clients
  • Analysis, design and development of learning and development solutions
  • Training delivery
  • Leadership, management and performance coaching
  • Coaching support for NDIS readiness focused on in-house capacity building
  • Facilitated forums for service providers
  • Developed appropriate materials in collaboration with provider and facilitated workshops in rural and remote areas
  • Developed appropriate materials in collaboration with provider for senior members to understand core components of the NDIS
  • Design and development of learning products both self-paced and face to face
  • Facilitation of stakeholder relationship development