Who we are

DIViN is a specialised consultancy working in the human services sector, who offer flexible and tailor-made solutions for individuals, groups and organisations and have experience working nationwide across the Government, Not-For-Profit/Social Purpose and Private sectors.

At DIViN, our mission is to…

  • connect the creativity and innovation that is inherent in all individuals, groups and organisations;
  • understand your core business and how doing that well will attract people to your service;
  • work with you to design the key elements required to bring your vision to life.

Julie Patterson, the Managing Director formed DIViN in 2012, working with disability service and government providers, including NDIA since 2014.   DIViN’s vision is to enable a vibrant and diverse human services sector that can participate in opportunities within the shifting market place.

Our Principles


Relationships are DIViN’s foundation strength. We emphasise collaboration, dialogue and teamwork, and see our role as partnering with you, IN your organisation, rather than advising you at arm’s length.  We also focus on understanding and enhancing the way you connect with people, and the way your business connects with the marketplace.


We believe creativity is innate in individuals, groups and organisations and can be unlocked when the right environment is created and the right questions are asked. Our vast experience in system reform and business innovation means that we are comfortable in complex situations and working alongside you to develop a solution.


Our difference is our ability to walk the last step with you. What we leave you with will be tangible, it will be what you asked for, it will fit with your organisation’s business strategy and culture, and the next steps will be clear and agreed on.